2. ハヴァ ナイス トリップのコンセプト英文版 (旅に街に おすすめファッション・服)


What kind of shop is the HAVE A NICE TRIP?
As it is named “HAVE A NICE TRIP”,
the variety of destinations of trip come up every season,
and we deliver the comfortable life style.
Setting the destination for each season,
we produce fresh style with original materials.

Does HAVE A NICE TRIP produce clothes
just for trip?

We are not producing clothes just for trip.
However, “Light”, Wrinkle-Free”, and “Easy coordination”
is the main element that makes conveniences
not only for travel, but also your everyday life.
This is the reason why our motto is
“vacation clothes are the best everyday clothes”.

Who is the target of HAVE A NICE TRIP?
Every woman who has variety of lifestyle is the customer of
HAVE A NICE TRIP. We have various sizes
with beautiful silhouette for you to choose the best one.
Please do feel the comfort.

We sell at more than 50 stores in Japan.
We sell at more than 50 stores in Japan.

Vacation Clothes Are
The Best Everyday Clothes.
Good Quality & Good Price.